My work has appeared in Americas Quarterly, Appalachia, Asia Times Online, the Cambodia Daily, The Christian Science Monitor, The Economist, the Far Eastern Economic Review, the Financial Times, Fusion, GlobalPost, The National, The New Yorker, Reuters, Smithsonian Magazine, the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, VICE, Zócalo Public Square, and elsewhere.

Americas Quarterly

AQ Top 5 Politicians Under 40: Eduardo Leite,” magazine feature October 2016
Brazil’s Farmers Are Ready for a Boom. Will the Government Let It Happen?” magazine feature October 2016
A ‘School of Rock’ in Rio’s Biggest Favela,” August 4, 2016
Eight Ways to Not Enjoy Rio During the Olympics,” August 2, 2016
10 Things to Do: Rio de Janeiro,” magazine feature July 2016
Petrobras and Similar Oil Companies Are Struggling. Now What?” magazine feature July 2016
AQ Top 5 Latin American Academics: Artur Avila,” magazine feature July 2016
Why the World’s Top Mathematicians Are Coming to Rio,” July 11, 2016
Brazil’s Big Bet,” June 22, 2016
Uruguay Oil Investment Bucks Global Pullback,” June 16, 2016
In Occupying Schools, Rio’s Students Get a Political Education,” June 8, 2016
Podcast: Inside Rio’s Favelas: The Fallout from an Alleged Gang Rape,” June 3 2016
Not Impossible: Could Rousseff Return as Brazil’s President?” June 2, 2016
Podcast: Should the Rio Olympics Be Canceled Because of Zika?” May 23, 2016
OAS Human Rights Chief: ‘Galling’ Errors, Obstruction in Case of 43 Missing Mexican Students,” May 16, 2016
As Latin America’s Economies Falter, Young Workers Lose Out,” May 4, 2016
Venezuela’s Zika Outbreak May Be 150 Times Worse Than Reported, Study Says,” May 2, 2016
Interview: Ingrid Betancourt on Colombia-FARC peace,” April 21, 2016
Brazil’s Economy, Explained in a Pair of Flip-Flops,” magazine feature April 2016
The Simple Anti-Zika Trick You Won’t See in Brazil,” March 28, 2016
Top 10 Plays in U.S.-Cuba Baseball Diplomacy,” March 22, 2016
U.S.-Cuba Baseball Diplomacy: Castro at the Bat,” March 22, 2016
How a Film About a Bear Got Chile to Reckon With Its Past,” March 9, 2016
Cassação, Impeachment and Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff: A Guide,” February 26, 2016
Rio’s Big Moment,” magazine photo essay February 2016
How Syrian Refugees Are Succeeding in Latin America,” magazine feature February 2016
What a Year for Latin America!” December 17, 2015
Brazil’s Impeachment: Who Are the Swing Voters in Congress, And What Do They Want?” December 10, 2015
A Train Through the Amazon…What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” November 5, 2015
Brazil’s Corruption Graveyard,” June 4, 2015
Brazil: Up for Sale,” May 18, 2015
Brooklyn Brewery Taps Into Brazil’s Craft Beer Market,” March 18, 2015
Climbing Aconcagua, the Summit of the Americas,” with slideshow, February 5, 2015
Business Innovator: Amazon Beer Cervejaria,” magazine feature Winter 2015
Uruguay’s Frente Amplio Extends Rule to 15 Years,” December 2, 2014
Uruguay Elects Successor to Mujica,” November 28, 2014
Luis Suárez: Vilified Worldwide, Beloved in Uruguay,” November 26, 2014
Dilma’s Hipster Glasses,” October 29, 2014
In Brazil, Every Vote Counts,” October 24, 2014
Why There’s No Nate Silver in Brazil,” October 21, 2014
Why Brazil Lacked Faith in Marina Silva,” October 7, 2014
Marina Silva and the Uncertain Legacy of Chico Mendes,” a Connecting the Americas feature, October 3, 2014
Brazil’s Gas Station Blues,” October 3, 2014
Dilma, Dilma, Dilma,” September 25, 2014
World Cup Unifies Brazil in Joy, Despair,” July 10, 2014
As Americans Take Pitch, Other Stadiums Already Turning Off Lights,” June 26, 2014
Is the U.S. Missing a Free Kick at the World Cup?” June 17, 2014 (republished by USC Center on Public Diplomacy)
For the U.S., a Tie Against Ghana is as Good as a Loss,” June 16, 2014
Rumble in the Jungle: Manaus Tackles World Cup Logistics,” a Connecting the Americas feature with Zocalo Public Square (also in Smithsonian), May 30, 2014
City of God, City of Barriers,” with slideshow, December 3, 2013
Who Doesn’t Spy?” November 6, 2013
Flamengo’s Twelfth Man,” September 20, 2013
Brazil-US Relations: What Happened?” September 18, 2013
Rousseff Recalibrates,” July 30, 2013
Oaxaca, The Teachers’ Strike – One Year Later,” magazine feature Spring 2008

Zócalo Public Square

Even “The Girl From Ipanema” Can’t Save Rio’s Olympic Train,” August 4, 2016
American Sports Are Making Gains Across the Globe,” July 9, 2015
Why Don’t Brazilians Care More About the Amazon?” October 4, 2014
World Cup Rumble in the Amazon Jungle,” May 30, 2014


How cliffhanging daredevils saved a mountain from mining companies,” January 15, 2016
Mysterious Brazilian tea could stop deadly viral outbreak before it reaches U.S. soil,” December 24, 2015
Brazilians use The Force (of the internet) to save Jedi convention,” December 9, 2015
Brazilians see broken Christmas tree as symbol of economic meltdown,” December 1, 2015
Brazil’s president wants you to drink more alcohol,” June 22, 2015
Brazilians are killing it in hoops, but the fans are too busy watching soccer to notice,” May 26, 2015
In Brazil, football fans watch Super Bowl and cheer for Gisele Bündchen’s husband,” February 2, 2015
It might be about to get easier to travel to Brazil,” January 18, 2015
Brazilian craft brewers struggle to keep taps open during economic recession,” November 30, 2014
Will Uruguay’s next president bogart country’s marijuana law?” November 28, 2014
Latin American solidarity with Mexico grows over case of 43 missing students,” November 18, 2014
Brazilian families still fighting for justice nearly two years after deadly nightclub fire,” November 3, 2014
Brazil wakes up to election hangover,” October 27, 2014
Brazil’s evangelicals spurn Marina Silva in election,” October 6, 2014


Running to Narnia: The Quest for the Two-Hour Marathon,” October 28, 2015
Have Sex During the World Cup and Save the Amazon Forest, Too,” June 19, 2014

Appalachia Journal

The Trail to Aconcagua,” Winter/Spring 2016

The New Yorker

Kílian Jornet, Sky Runner,” January 27, 2015

Monitor Global Outlook

For two years, I was the Brazil correspondent for Monitor Global Outlook, a startup business publication of The Christian Science Monitor that ceased publication in October 2015. All articles here.

The Christian Science Monitor

On eve of Brazil presidential election, is the Amazon at stake?” October 2, 2014
Social workers channel Indiana Jones to deliver welfare checks to Brazil’s Amazon,” August 27, 2014
Candidate Campos’ death dims Rousseff’s reelection hopes,” August 13, 2014
Latin America has power to reshape relations with China – but will it use it?” July 14, 2014
Why some Brazilians see a silver lining in epic World Cup loss,” July 9, 2014
Fans bring new meaning to ‘budget travel’ in bid to get to World Cup,” June 25, 2014
Brazil and Mexico face off – at the World Cup and in the region,” June 17, 2014
The biggest World Cup match for USA? Biden vs. Rousseff,” June 16, 2014
EPA emissions limits? Brazil sees potential gains,” June 14, 2014
Protests erupt in São Paulo, but not all Brazilians anti-World Cup,” June 12, 2014
Brazil’s World Cup ‘must have’? New TVs.” May 27, 2014
Is Amazon industrial hub the latest ‘endangered species’ in Brazil?” May 12, 2014
World Cup city Manaus: Brazil’s ‘Paris’ in the Amazon?” May 6, 2014
Shaking out the Obama-Castro handshake,” December 10, 2013
Global corruption: How does Latin America stack up?” December 3, 2013
Ghetto chic for guests at Brazil’s World Cup,” December 3, 2013
Big change for a buck? Latin America says ‘yes’,” November 17, 2013
A welfare check under fire in Brazil,” November 17, 2013
Why does the PlayStation 4 cost $1,850 in Brazil?” November 14, 2013
Rio de Janeiro tells tourists: no more butts on the beach,” November 6, 2013
Is Brazil feeding the world as Brazilians go hungry?” November 3, 2013
Brazil oil auction forces Rousseff to reconsider Petrobras’s role,” October 23, 2013
Mexico swoons and Brazil rallies in response to US shutdown,” October 8, 2013
Brazil: City of God – 10 years later,” October 5, 2013
Is Brazil’s Rousseff the new voice of Latin America?” September 25, 2013
Will NSA spying push Brazil toward ‘anti-imperialist’ neighbors?” September 18, 2013
Brazil cancels US state dinner over spying, steps up surveillance at home,” September 17, 2013
Running With the Kenyans – Book Review,” May 17, 2012
Catherine Rohr helps ex-cons return to society by learning to start business,” April 23, 2012
Peru’s invisible bourse,” June 16, 2011
Peru, Colombia, and Chile merge stock markets‎,” May 29, 2011
China’s role in realizing ‘Latin America decade,’ ” April 2, 2011
GE defends reactors in Japan nuclear crisis,” March 18, 2011
Japan nuclear crisis sparks calls for IAEA reform,” March 17, 2011
Fear of Japan’s nuclear crisis far exceeds actual risks, say scientists,” March 17, 2011
Reports: Lax oversight, ‘greed’ preceded Japan nuclear crisis,” March 16, 2011
Facebook is fine, says Pope Benedict, but real faces are better,” January  25, 2011
WikiLeaks army ‘Anonymous’ eyes Bank of America with ‘Operation BOA Constrictor’,” December 22, 2010
Julian Assange granted bail, but is it enough to quiet ‘Anonymous’ hactivists?” December 14, 2010
Cyberattacks Q&A: MasterCard and Visa ‘have egg on their faces.’” December 10, 2010
Cyberattacks Q&A: ‘World of pain’ for those who don’t support WikiLeaks,” December 10, 2010
Hackers wage global ‘cyberwar’ in defense of WikiLeaks,” December 9, 2010
Will WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, now arrested, take the ‘nuclear’ option?” December 7, 2010
WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is merely ‘fighting baddies,’ says his mom” December 1, 2010
Khmer Rouge film spurs Cambodians worldwide to revisit buried history,” November 19, 2010
Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity goes global, sparking events all the way to Mt. Everest,” October 22, 2010
Iran finds new friend in Cambodia,” August 26, 2010
Germany’s love-hate relationship with Google Street View,” August 12, 2010
Wyclef Jean: Preacher’s son to rap star to presidential contender,” August 6, 2010
Wyclef Jean mulling presidential run against politician uncle,” July 30, 2010
Wyclef Jean’s uncle to run for president of Haiti,” July 27, 2010
Is Wyclef Jean eligible to run for president of Haiti?” July 27, 2010
Chinese explorers stand by claim of Noah’s Ark found in Turkey,” April 30, 2010
Doubt cast on Noah’s Ark found in Turkey,” April 28, 2010
Loch Ness monster is real: former Scottish police chief,” April 27, 2010
 ‘Oriential Yeti’ found in China is no Yeti,” April 6, 2010
One year after Mumbai attacks, a push to move on,” November 26, 2009
20,000 camels, thousands of cows, and one chaotic carnival,” November 11, 2009
Helping orphans, Tibetan and Chinese alike,” October 19, 2009
On China’s 60th anniversary, Tibet wants quiet,” September 30, 2009
For Khmer Rouge prisoners, reparations are key to justice,” July 3, 2009
From Khmer Rouge torturer to born-again Christian,” April 6, 2009

Financial Times

“Q&A with Revel marketing chief Randall Fine on turning around struggling Atlantic City casino,” Part 1Part 2, June 11, 2013
AGY Holding expected to skip 15 May coupon payment; bondholders asked to get restricted,” May 6, 2013
Caesars asset transfer theories rattle Dynegy ghosts; propco rallies at opco expense,” January 7, 2013
Tribal casinos digest game changing impact of Santa Ysabel Resort and Casino Chapter 11 filing,” August 8, 2012


Weekly political column during 2012 US presidential campaign for online literary magazine. All entries here.

Peru’s Choice,” May 31, 2011
MILA opens amid Peru election tumult,” May 30, 2011

The National

The other Iraq: travelling in Kurdistan,” January 29, 2010
A Mountain of Red Tape,” October 23, 2009
Hop on Cambodia’s (Very) Light Rail,” September 24, 2009


In Northern Iraq, Another World,” photos, December 12, 2009

Far Eastern Economic Review

The Poor Man’s Railway,” September 2009


Khmer Rouge fighter relates “killing fields” horror,” July 8, 2009

The Economist

The court on trial: Accusations of corruption threaten to discredit the trial of the Khmers Rouges,” April 2, 2009
Evil and the law: Thirty years after he was put out of business, a torturer gets his day in court,” Feb 19, 2009

Asia Times Online

Cambodia Joins Microloan Clean-up,” August 14, 2009
It’s a Bumpy Road Back for Lao Exiles,” July 24, 2009
War of Words for Cambodia, Thailand,” July 17, 2009
Cambodia’s Last Frontier Falls,” June 16, 2009
ASEAN, EU Lock Horns Over Myanmar,” May 30, 2009
Khmer Rouge Court’s Identity Crisis,” May 23, 2009
On the Trail of Thaksin in Cambodia,” May 6, 2009
Cambodia, Vietnam Re-affirm Their Vows,” April 23, 2009
God and Genocide in Cambodia,” April 1, 2009
In the Corner for the Defense,” March 6, 2009
In the Corner for the Defense,” March 6, 2009
Micro-lenders Run Reality Check,” March 4, 2009
Cambodia Shares the Pain,” Feb 9, 2009
Downcast Tet in Vietnam,” Jan 26, 2009
Curtain Raises Again on Jacques Verges,” Jan 6, 2009
Killing Time at Cambodia’s ‘Show Trial’,” Dec 11, 2008
Genocidal Loopholes in Cambodia,” Dec 1, 2008
Enemies Turn Allies in Temple Battle,” Oct 17, 2008

The Cambodia Daily

“Duch’s Path: From KR Zealot to Soldier of Christ,” Page 1/ Page 2/ Page 3, Feb 23, 2009
“Emergency UN Help Needed on Temple: Minister,” Page 1/ Page 2, July 23, 2008
Preah Vihear Approved as World Heritage Site,” July 9, 2008
Large-Scale Farms, Hilltribes Compete for Land,” June 13, 2008
“Struggling Dollar Bringing Riel Down With It,” Page 1/ Page 2, March 6, 2008
“Land Prices Surge to All-Time Highs Across Phnom Penh,” Page 1/ Page 2, Jan 24, 2008
Golf Industry Grows As New Courses Open,” January 2008

The Day

Through the Roof,” March 2006, a four-part series on Connecticut’s housing crisis that won first place in 2006 from the New England Press Association